The Analog CyberPunk Project

[pt] Para quem está afim de conhecer a Música Eletrônica muito bem desconhecida e obscura dos 70's aos 2k's... Altamente Recomendado!

[en]For who wanna know the Well Unknown and Obscure Electronic Music from 70's to 2k's... Highly Recommended!

What is The Analog CyberPunk Project:
The Analog CyberPunk Project is the work of a single humanoid with a few goals in mind. It is an effort to define, collect and arbitrarily name a music genre, along with sub-genres, that existed here and there in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It might be best described as underground electronic post-punk new wave. If packaged on discs it would also contain the subtitle "U.F.O.s, Giant Robots And Bored East Germans".
Compiling these tracks is also part of an argument that new wave was once joined at the hip with other movements such as punk and melodic no wave, and was a valid and thriving art form before it was watered down and trivialized by its absorption into instantly disposable post-disco culture. In other words, regardless of what 80s nostalgia teaches, new wave wasn't always a joke with a bad haircut.
Inspiration And Sources:
These types of songs were played in new wave dance clubs and on college radio. For the most part it's asexual dance music. Not until the boom of internet MP3 sharing and the availability of cassette and vinyl ripping programs have many of these small issue releases been widely available. Some come from a private collection but most were found through internet searches. The idea of Analog CyberPunk existed since the late 70s, long before the music was rediscovered and packaged under names like Synthpunk and Minimal Wave. Without the work of those who collected and toiled to make these songs available this project could never have moved forward as far as it did.
Over 3,000 tracks were considered for the original set of twelve discs. Analog CyberPunk is narrowly defined on purpose, and while there are Analog CyberPunk songs there are no Analog CyberPunk bands.


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Hi all, the pass for all archives is : beyonder.tk , and for the tresor releases is : www.techno.pl

Sadly, the new e-mu$ic sucks! , it's too obvious and commercial appellative, i'm actually listening old school punk/hardcore, 80's new wave, and for all new electronic music ( and others... )stuff i'm listening everything from http://phlow-magazine.com/ , http://www.inq-mag.com/ and http://netwaves.org/ . 
So, keep up the good auditions, & nevermind the e-mu$ic by numbers

See ya behind the decks !!