LB Bad - New Age Of Faith ( THE ORIGINAL Smokebelch II )

Sabres of Paradise released in 1993 the "smokebelch II" 12 inch. Little did most people know that this was a wholesale copy of LB Bad's 1989 B-side to the "True Story Of House". 

However, Weatherall and Co. did give writing credits though to Lamont Booker ( LB Bad).

The whole "TSOH" EP is top drawer,not just this ambient masterpiece. Probably the best release on Nu-groove.

Thank you Elbee.


John Beltran - Ambient Selections (1995 - 2011)


01 Collage of Dreams
02 Morning at the Window
03 Anticipation
04 Sweet Soul
05 Soft Summer
06 Water Colored Dreams
07 Sub Surface
08 Everything Under the Sun
09 Snowdrifts
10 Gutaris Breeze
11 Expecting
12 Miss Weird
13 Brilliant Flood
14 Collage Revisited
15 Vienna

Label: Delsin Records
Country: Holland
Size: 163mb


Still Blue Still Turning - American Artist