Just Spin Vinyl.

Last but not least, sorry for the hiatus, but... 
It´s time to change something here... 
All of my archives from 4shared and Mediafire was blocked. 
But if you still want any mp3, the best way is use uTorrent, or Dreamule, 
this way you can find any mp3 you can imagine. 
I think it's really good to have any mp3 i want, but, i´m tired of this actual E.D.M. (Sic) it sucks...
It's not the Real Dance Music Culture, 
It's not TRUE House, Techno, Jungle, Drum&Bass or Dubstep...
it's an industry term what means nothing more than "Just Buy It".
Read This Please: http://gawker.com/the-10-most-depressing-parts-of-the-new-yorkers-e-d-m-1379714380

And, well, I'm back to my old MK's, and going back to clean my vinyl collection. 
And i really hope you go buy Vinyl too... ;) 
Just Keep The Sound Underground!
Thanx 4 Everything... o/ 


Devecly Bitte - Purple Line

Devecly Bitte - Purple Line
Devecly Bitte delivers a pure dub techno ep, his first for Sublime Porte. Subtly mixing ambient, experimental and roots dub influences he crafts a quiet journey through dub land with expertly constructed tracks.
Deep, driving rhythms and soothing aerial textures at play here. Beautiful melodies sometimes emerge from the grain, and the dynamic yet static nature of the tracks keep things in a nice and quiet fashion all the way.
The ep comes to a close with a remix from French dub techno alumnusFingers in the Noise, who transforms the original into a warm excursion into a sunbathed field. A welcome departure from the frosty winter days.

Tracklist :
01 - Line
02 - Bananaman
03 - Circle K
04 - Nagoya Dub
05 - Line (FITN Remix)
All Tracks w/p by Tetsumasa Okumura
"Line" remixed by Fingers In The Noise - Laurent Bisch
Mastered by Ismail Genç
Artwork by Mert Şahbaz