FIFTH ERA - "9.2. KOMMANDOH" (teaser)


There is no god, only Nature. Man invented gods to try and rationalise Nature to himself.
now we don't need gods, but need Nature more than ever...but she does not need us - however much we #### up the planet it will survive in some form.
The sooner the human race wipes itself out the better.


Burning Man 2014

2014 Art Theme

You´ll find a complete TABLE OF CONTENT at the end of this information (and a credit list for musicians&DJs!) - so you have the chance to zap in more ore less around the area you want to see!

Thanks for crowd-translations are going to: Alexa, Beate
Carsten, Claudia, Holger, Jonas, Kathy, Lars, Louise, Max, Renate, Stin Chen and Mister Wa (www.misterwa.com) - I hope I did not forget anybody?! If so: Sorry, I´ll ad you here if you remind me! 
If mistakes happened while translating: Please ignore them - you should have helped earlier! ;-)

I cannot afford to spend more time with this project (which I love, btw), because I have to earn some money, too, some time... I am a freelance editor with passion for artists! So: If you know any TV station or web TV people who need content and would like to license some parts: LET ME KNOW! 

Content in order of appearance:
Our Camp: Organisation, getting there, bikes 
General orientation, Media Mekka and Organizers (Larry Harvey, Harley K. DuBois)
Camp and surrounding artcars
Orientation: Where ist the man, the temple, the art?
Media Art Tour: CORE Projects (New Orleans, Texas, Israel, Czech Republic); day&night 
Centercamp: Interactive art, stage and artists

Interactive firestuff at night 
„What, Where, When?" -- Burning man program and workshops
Costumes and participation
BMIR Radio, Jerk Church
The meaning of the theme „Cargo Cult" - and who t.f. ist „John from"...? 
Windsingers at Sacred Spaces 
Impressions and things to discover around Esplanade
Musicians, Bootie, DJs, Discos and Art-Car-Parties

Artcars, Mad Max and the Thunderdome 
Impressions at night
Photography at early morning 
Doing a camp-party
Photography, playa and art, trap church 
Unicorn and Pan getting ready 
Incredible slackline guy and unicornparade / stampede
Dangerous art: safety third? 
CORE-Burn/ to burn or not to burn: 
The french ´Stairway to Heaven´ 
Windphony at night

Money aspects, facts and figures UPDATE! financial chart BM 2013
Thriller flashmob at Hardly Hotel 
Marriage Peter&Marina
Artists in the desert
Dust and hygiene 
Manburn evening: Artcar Report, Interviews: Disco Duck, Kalliope, Serpent Queen
The man burns
Cleaning up -- compared to german festivals...
Packing, upcoming storm 


Dear DJs and Musicians, thank you for allowing me to use your music! 
I put some information here where for example you can find the music:

night scenes with lots of LED-lights:
Frankie Watch - Geiri (NiCe7 remix)

dusty day scenes
Jon Charnis - Prophecy

at night somwhere after the artcars I think
Martin Roth - Beautiful Life (Original Mix) 

taking pictures early morning:
Francesca Lombardo - cosmic dancer

windsingers at daytime 
MUUI - While you were sleeping (Original Mix)

VibeSquaD - "Flexface"

Kalliope artcar sound: ein Berliner! woop-woop!
Click | Click - Ducks In The Kiddie Pool [Palms & Flamingos] 
Label: Palms & Flamingos


Hello love. I'm the musician on the stage at 26:50ish. 
Please add credits and a link to my blog: 


History Of DJ - The DMC Story

History Of DJ

The History of DJ is an amazing story. It's hard to believe now that a top rock musician once said to Tony Prince, "DJ's are parasites of our music". Tony replied, "You'd be lost without us"!
Later in this exhaustive series the journey of the Club DJ, the Radio DJ and the DJ Producer will be revealed. From America's rock 'n' roll DJs and the payola that killed their leader, to the UK's barren radio land where the nation waited nightly at the Radio Luxembourg watering hole to quench their thirst for Beatles, Stones and Tamla Motown soul. The DJ's fight against the Musicians Union which led to a flotilla of pirate radio ships surrounding the British Isles. Then to the development of Ibiza and the global music festivals where DJs command fees beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Today, as the internet changes music consumption with downloads, clouds, blogs and iTunes and DJs host their own radio channels which can never be considered 'local radio' ever again, to the final question in the series: 'Where now"?
Welcome, to DMC's HISTORY OF DJ.

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKqk1PSX6Ck


Le Peuple qui Danse - Video by Freaky


Sub Berlin - The Story of Tresor (Germany, 2009)

"The Story of one of the world's most legendary clubs retold by its protagonists: Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Blake Baxter, Mr. C, DJ Rush, Mark Reeder, Tanith, Dr. Motte, Josh Wink, Chris Liebing, Regina Baer, Johnnie Stieler, Sven Väth and of course club-founder Dimitri Hegemann, as well as countless other regulars, DJs and clubbers alike - the collective memories of the most life-changing times ever experienced...

The fall of the Berlin Wall was something no-one ever expected to be happening so quick and with such intensity, leaving Germany in a state of euphoria, upheaval and confusion. The years that followed were marked by new-found freedom, chaos, change, and the rush of collective ecstasy. The no man's land in the center of Berlin was the perfect playground for our new sound, blossoming in between the cracked concrete of pre-fabricated socialist buildings and the ancient Berlin apartment blocks still scarred by the gunshots from World War II.

Tracking back the roots of techno in Germany, SubBerlin unearths facts and lets its protagonists recall the story of the most influential club Germany has ever brought forward, as well as explaining the causes of the emergence of techno in Berlin. Gripping images and authentic voices entangled to retell the breathtaking story - combined with the frantic sounds of a restless youth finding itself in a state of new-found freedom."

Oldschool Renegades Documentary

More on Vimeo & Facebook

Twenty years after techno, house and rave swept the charts for the first time, the director Maurice Steenbergen has gone on a world tour to visit the standard-bearers who were the first people to get the world onto its feet with their ecstatic music. A group of known and unknown pioneers and 'old school renegades', who in their own words describe a music that turned its back and created its own musical revolution. This is the documentation of a group that made the soundtrack for both the candy-coloured eighties and the house nineties. A new world of mechanical sound architecture, repetitive beats, piano riffs and smiley logos. To the sound of electronic music machines, a euphoric time is revealed, when a new drug became fashionable that opened up people's consciousness to a psychedelic music universe. A tale about how techno culture invented and discovered musicians with a penchant for synth sounds and made them one-hit wonders or let chance have its way as with Moby, who had his breakthrough with his Twin Peaks-like sample song 'Go'. Get out your glowsticks and dance your way back into music history.


Idris Elba's How Clubbing Changed the World

Actor and international DJ Idris Elba counts down the defining moments of the greatest cultural phenomenon of our generation in a programme featuring some of the biggest names in dance music.
Twenty-five years after the birth of rave, a new generation of British DJs and producers are at the forefront of a global musical revolution.
From trance to dubstep, the sound of British producers has now become the most sought-after commodity for the biggest pop stars on the planet.
Reaching far beyond the sweaty dance floors of the Hacienda and the Ministry of Sound, this programme reveals how British nightclubbing transformed our nation and influenced societies across the world.
With personal insights and club-raising anecdotes from David Guetta, Armand van Helden, Paul Oakenfold, will.i.am, Nile Rodgers, Goldie, Pete Tong, Katy B, Skream and former Home Secretary Michael Howard, amongst many more, this entertaining and thought-provoking film celebrates the British success story that has conquered the world.
From sun-kissed holidays on the party island of Ibiza to the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, and from illegal warehouse raves to Labour's 1992 adoption of D:Ream's Things Can Only Get Better, clubbing has touched everyone's life whether they know it or not.
This is an international story, going beyond the music to look at clubbing's influence on everything from real estate to drug use, fashion, politics and the drinks industry.
How Clubbing Changed the World explores how clubbing went from a counter-cultural movement that defined a generation to a multi-billion-pound business, and reveals how, 25 years on, Great Britain is still king of the underground.


Aural Sonata Vol. 2

"Except for music, everything is a lie, even solitude, 
even ecstasy. Music, in fact,is the one and the other, 
only better." (Emil Cioran)


[nws289] netwaves 8.15: from balkan to techhouse (January 29, 2014)

- this week tunes from balkan to techhouse from the twilight zone -
- netwaves is a weekly radio-broadcast, stream, podcast and a free netlabel compilation
- our live broadcast is hosted by Radio Scorpio, the first independent radio in Belgium


monoKrak Netlabel

monoKraK netlabel – free deep minimal techno & ambient music
monoKraK records is a netlabel oriented ambient and deep minimal techno. Founded in 2006 by Roberto Vitali (aKa Floating Mind) and based in Geneva (Switzerland), the first goal was to be a quality vinyl label of electronic music. But faced with the difficulties of finding a distributor and manage an independent label, it was decided to transform the identity of monoKraK. For those who are out of the music business, just because they are not a “good product”, there is another chance : netlabels. No more money in the affair, just music. The feeling to be free and to produce what or who you want is now a reality.


The Chillage Idiots - Pete Namlook/Fax Tribute

Download here: https://archive.org/details/TheChillageIdiots-PeteNamlookfaxTribute

01 - Silence (Pete Namlook and Dr. Atmo): "Omid/Hope" [Silence I] 1992

02 - Dreamfish (Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris): "School Of Fish" [Dreamfish] 1993

03 - Namlook III (Pete Namlook): "Intruder 9" [Aliens In My Suitcase] 1994

04 - Koolfang (Pete Namlook and Move D): "Counter" [Jambient] 1995

05 - Electronic Music Center: "Vocal Atoms (AC Study)" [Zentrum Fur Elektronische Musik] 1996

06 - S.H.A.D.O (Higher Intelligence Agency and Pete Namlook): "Intruder Detector" [S.H.A.D.O] 1997

07 - Jet Chamber (Atom Heart and Pete Namlook): "Zappel Jazz" [Jet Chamber IV] 1998

08 - The Dark Side Of The Moog (Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze): "Careful With The AKS, Peter - Part VII" [The Dark Side Of The Moog VIII] 1999

09 - The Fires Of Ork (Pete Namlook and Geir Jenssen): "In Heaven" [The Fires Of Ork 2] 2000

10 - Virtual Vices (Pete Namlook and Wolfram Spyra): "Oscillation 3" [Virtual Vices III] 2001

11 - Psychonavigation (Pete Namlook and Bill Laswell): "Life Eternal" [Psychonavigation 5] 2002

12 - pp.nmlk (Pete Namlook and Jochem Paap): "cbrg n srfc" [pp.nmlk] 2004

13 - Pete Namlook and New Composers: "Russian Spring - Part IX" [Russian Spring] 2005

14 - Air (Pete Namlook) featuring Tying Tiffany and G.Cerri: "State Of Mind" [Air V] 2006

15 - 2350 Broadway (Pete Namlook and Tetsu Inoue): "Sustained Energy" [2350 Broadway 4] 2007

16 - Namlook XXI (Pete Namlook): "Living The Dream" [Subconcious Worlds] 2008

17 - Namlook.Le Mar (Pete Namlook and Gabriel Le Mar): "In Time" [Namlook.Le Mar] 2009

18 - Namlook XXV (Pete Namlook): "Permutation - Part V" [Permutations] 2010

19 - Namlook.Montana (Pete Namlook and Lorenzo Montana): "Labyrinth XVI" [Labyrinth 2] 2011

20 - Namlook XXVII (Pete Namlook): "Feierabend" [Music For Urban Meditation IV] 2012

21 - Move D.Namlook XXVI (Pete Namlook and Move D): "Do You Have Any Messages?" [There!] 2008


November 2012
For more like this go to m-cast.net


V.A. – Inhala

Welcome to the first of two parts of Breathe’s Fifth Anniversary compilations, a dream come true thanks to all artists who have participated in this time. As always, our intention is give to listeners quality music of independent producers around the world. All you need is open your mind and ears. In this volume you can find new music by Invector, Ohuican, In Vitro, Nathan Jo, Ray Garrido, Nulix, Frallar, ArnAck, TSS Tortue Super Sonic, AxBx, Vate, djrefugeeSW, Lomz & Lezet, Transmission 13 and Ivan Black.
Support freedom, support Bradley Manning. Alberto Patishtán Gómez is free now.