Sub Berlin - The Story of Tresor (Germany, 2009)

"The Story of one of the world's most legendary clubs retold by its protagonists: Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Blake Baxter, Mr. C, DJ Rush, Mark Reeder, Tanith, Dr. Motte, Josh Wink, Chris Liebing, Regina Baer, Johnnie Stieler, Sven Väth and of course club-founder Dimitri Hegemann, as well as countless other regulars, DJs and clubbers alike - the collective memories of the most life-changing times ever experienced...

The fall of the Berlin Wall was something no-one ever expected to be happening so quick and with such intensity, leaving Germany in a state of euphoria, upheaval and confusion. The years that followed were marked by new-found freedom, chaos, change, and the rush of collective ecstasy. The no man's land in the center of Berlin was the perfect playground for our new sound, blossoming in between the cracked concrete of pre-fabricated socialist buildings and the ancient Berlin apartment blocks still scarred by the gunshots from World War II.

Tracking back the roots of techno in Germany, SubBerlin unearths facts and lets its protagonists recall the story of the most influential club Germany has ever brought forward, as well as explaining the causes of the emergence of techno in Berlin. Gripping images and authentic voices entangled to retell the breathtaking story - combined with the frantic sounds of a restless youth finding itself in a state of new-found freedom."

Oldschool Renegades Documentary

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Twenty years after techno, house and rave swept the charts for the first time, the director Maurice Steenbergen has gone on a world tour to visit the standard-bearers who were the first people to get the world onto its feet with their ecstatic music. A group of known and unknown pioneers and 'old school renegades', who in their own words describe a music that turned its back and created its own musical revolution. This is the documentation of a group that made the soundtrack for both the candy-coloured eighties and the house nineties. A new world of mechanical sound architecture, repetitive beats, piano riffs and smiley logos. To the sound of electronic music machines, a euphoric time is revealed, when a new drug became fashionable that opened up people's consciousness to a psychedelic music universe. A tale about how techno culture invented and discovered musicians with a penchant for synth sounds and made them one-hit wonders or let chance have its way as with Moby, who had his breakthrough with his Twin Peaks-like sample song 'Go'. Get out your glowsticks and dance your way back into music history.