Burning Man 2014

2014 Art Theme

You´ll find a complete TABLE OF CONTENT at the end of this information (and a credit list for musicians&DJs!) - so you have the chance to zap in more ore less around the area you want to see!

Thanks for crowd-translations are going to: Alexa, Beate
Carsten, Claudia, Holger, Jonas, Kathy, Lars, Louise, Max, Renate, Stin Chen and Mister Wa (www.misterwa.com) - I hope I did not forget anybody?! If so: Sorry, I´ll ad you here if you remind me! 
If mistakes happened while translating: Please ignore them - you should have helped earlier! ;-)

I cannot afford to spend more time with this project (which I love, btw), because I have to earn some money, too, some time... I am a freelance editor with passion for artists! So: If you know any TV station or web TV people who need content and would like to license some parts: LET ME KNOW! 

Content in order of appearance:
Our Camp: Organisation, getting there, bikes 
General orientation, Media Mekka and Organizers (Larry Harvey, Harley K. DuBois)
Camp and surrounding artcars
Orientation: Where ist the man, the temple, the art?
Media Art Tour: CORE Projects (New Orleans, Texas, Israel, Czech Republic); day&night 
Centercamp: Interactive art, stage and artists

Interactive firestuff at night 
„What, Where, When?" -- Burning man program and workshops
Costumes and participation
BMIR Radio, Jerk Church
The meaning of the theme „Cargo Cult" - and who t.f. ist „John from"...? 
Windsingers at Sacred Spaces 
Impressions and things to discover around Esplanade
Musicians, Bootie, DJs, Discos and Art-Car-Parties

Artcars, Mad Max and the Thunderdome 
Impressions at night
Photography at early morning 
Doing a camp-party
Photography, playa and art, trap church 
Unicorn and Pan getting ready 
Incredible slackline guy and unicornparade / stampede
Dangerous art: safety third? 
CORE-Burn/ to burn or not to burn: 
The french ´Stairway to Heaven´ 
Windphony at night

Money aspects, facts and figures UPDATE! financial chart BM 2013
Thriller flashmob at Hardly Hotel 
Marriage Peter&Marina
Artists in the desert
Dust and hygiene 
Manburn evening: Artcar Report, Interviews: Disco Duck, Kalliope, Serpent Queen
The man burns
Cleaning up -- compared to german festivals...
Packing, upcoming storm 


Dear DJs and Musicians, thank you for allowing me to use your music! 
I put some information here where for example you can find the music:

night scenes with lots of LED-lights:
Frankie Watch - Geiri (NiCe7 remix)

dusty day scenes
Jon Charnis - Prophecy

at night somwhere after the artcars I think
Martin Roth - Beautiful Life (Original Mix) 

taking pictures early morning:
Francesca Lombardo - cosmic dancer

windsingers at daytime 
MUUI - While you were sleeping (Original Mix)

VibeSquaD - "Flexface"

Kalliope artcar sound: ein Berliner! woop-woop!
Click | Click - Ducks In The Kiddie Pool [Palms & Flamingos] 
Label: Palms & Flamingos


Hello love. I'm the musician on the stage at 26:50ish. 
Please add credits and a link to my blog: 


History Of DJ - The DMC Story

History Of DJ

The History of DJ is an amazing story. It's hard to believe now that a top rock musician once said to Tony Prince, "DJ's are parasites of our music". Tony replied, "You'd be lost without us"!
Later in this exhaustive series the journey of the Club DJ, the Radio DJ and the DJ Producer will be revealed. From America's rock 'n' roll DJs and the payola that killed their leader, to the UK's barren radio land where the nation waited nightly at the Radio Luxembourg watering hole to quench their thirst for Beatles, Stones and Tamla Motown soul. The DJ's fight against the Musicians Union which led to a flotilla of pirate radio ships surrounding the British Isles. Then to the development of Ibiza and the global music festivals where DJs command fees beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Today, as the internet changes music consumption with downloads, clouds, blogs and iTunes and DJs host their own radio channels which can never be considered 'local radio' ever again, to the final question in the series: 'Where now"?
Welcome, to DMC's HISTORY OF DJ.

Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKqk1PSX6Ck


Le Peuple qui Danse - Video by Freaky