Burning Man 2014

2014 Art Theme

You´ll find a complete TABLE OF CONTENT at the end of this information (and a credit list for musicians&DJs!) - so you have the chance to zap in more ore less around the area you want to see!

Thanks for crowd-translations are going to: Alexa, Beate
Carsten, Claudia, Holger, Jonas, Kathy, Lars, Louise, Max, Renate, Stin Chen and Mister Wa (www.misterwa.com) - I hope I did not forget anybody?! If so: Sorry, I´ll ad you here if you remind me! 
If mistakes happened while translating: Please ignore them - you should have helped earlier! ;-)

I cannot afford to spend more time with this project (which I love, btw), because I have to earn some money, too, some time... I am a freelance editor with passion for artists! So: If you know any TV station or web TV people who need content and would like to license some parts: LET ME KNOW! 

Content in order of appearance:
Our Camp: Organisation, getting there, bikes 
General orientation, Media Mekka and Organizers (Larry Harvey, Harley K. DuBois)
Camp and surrounding artcars
Orientation: Where ist the man, the temple, the art?
Media Art Tour: CORE Projects (New Orleans, Texas, Israel, Czech Republic); day&night 
Centercamp: Interactive art, stage and artists

Interactive firestuff at night 
„What, Where, When?" -- Burning man program and workshops
Costumes and participation
BMIR Radio, Jerk Church
The meaning of the theme „Cargo Cult" - and who t.f. ist „John from"...? 
Windsingers at Sacred Spaces 
Impressions and things to discover around Esplanade
Musicians, Bootie, DJs, Discos and Art-Car-Parties

Artcars, Mad Max and the Thunderdome 
Impressions at night
Photography at early morning 
Doing a camp-party
Photography, playa and art, trap church 
Unicorn and Pan getting ready 
Incredible slackline guy and unicornparade / stampede
Dangerous art: safety third? 
CORE-Burn/ to burn or not to burn: 
The french ´Stairway to Heaven´ 
Windphony at night

Money aspects, facts and figures UPDATE! financial chart BM 2013
Thriller flashmob at Hardly Hotel 
Marriage Peter&Marina
Artists in the desert
Dust and hygiene 
Manburn evening: Artcar Report, Interviews: Disco Duck, Kalliope, Serpent Queen
The man burns
Cleaning up -- compared to german festivals...
Packing, upcoming storm 


Dear DJs and Musicians, thank you for allowing me to use your music! 
I put some information here where for example you can find the music:

night scenes with lots of LED-lights:
Frankie Watch - Geiri (NiCe7 remix)

dusty day scenes
Jon Charnis - Prophecy

at night somwhere after the artcars I think
Martin Roth - Beautiful Life (Original Mix) 

taking pictures early morning:
Francesca Lombardo - cosmic dancer

windsingers at daytime 
MUUI - While you were sleeping (Original Mix)

VibeSquaD - "Flexface"

Kalliope artcar sound: ein Berliner! woop-woop!
Click | Click - Ducks In The Kiddie Pool [Palms & Flamingos] 
Label: Palms & Flamingos


Hello love. I'm the musician on the stage at 26:50ish. 
Please add credits and a link to my blog: 

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