Chris Korda - Apologize to the Future

Apologize to the Future 
Your life is built on convenient lies 
And the time has come to apologize 
Corporations lie; that’s what they do 
But you lie to yourself and that’s on you 
The climate disasters on your 
TV Just couldn’t happen to your family
 Drowning cities are so unnerving 
But the victims must be less deserving 
Than you and yours, because you’re the best
 At working hard to enslave the rest 
Of course it had nothing to do with luck
 Or a sperm and egg lottery won by a fuck
 You pulled yourself up by your bootstraps 
Creating jobs, not begging for scraps 
You thought the jobless were lazy bums
 But they’ve got guns, and they’re not so dumb 
The poor you ignored for all those years
 Will hunt you down and laugh at your tears 
And your very own kids that you claim to adore 
Will be fighting for their lives in a climate war 
Caused by your system of free enterprise 
So get on your knees and apologize
 To your kids for the misery they’ll endure 
And the hellish fate that your greed ensured 
For plants and animals and humans too 
Made extinct by a sick world view 
We’d be better off living in an alien zoo 
We’re up shit creek with no canoe 
We’re up shit creek Apologize 
For the dying seas 
Apologize For the clear -cut trees 
Apologize For needless birth 
Apologize To what’s left of earth 
Apologize For overpopulation 
Apologize For mass migration 
Apologize To the United Nations 
Apologize To future generations


DJ José Padilla (Girona, 1955 - Ciutat d'Eivissa, 18 d'octubre de 2020)

José Padilla, first arrived on the White Island in 1975 and has been DJling ever since.

Jose Padilla’s sunset sets have become legendary and an essential part of the Ibiza experience. His mix tapes evolved into the much-loved Café del Mar compilation albums, conceived and compiled by him initially, his CDs have sold over 5 million copies around the world.

With the ‘Café del Mar’ series he became worldwide known as the spiritual father of Chill-out.

With his debut album ‘Souvenir’ and solo tracks like ‘One day in Paradise’ and ‘Agua’ he took those twilight chill-out tones a stage further.


His follow-up album ‘Navigator’ represented a new creative peak and sold all over the world after being launched at the Winter Music Conference 2002. Jose was nominated for the Latin Grammys in the ‘Best instrumental’ category and Billboard magazine commented ‘Spaniard José Padilla… has shaped a legend across much of the world as a maestro of chill-out/ ambient music.’ A special edition of Navigator (released in the American market by Maverick, Madonna’s label) featured remixes by artists of the electronic music scene like : Paul Daley of Leftfield, Alex Neri a.k.a. Planet Funk, Francesco Farfa, Bent, etc. Even Seal requested to put lyrics and sing to the track “Adios Ayer”.

In recent years he’s compiled the well-received Cafe Solo series and the beautiful Bella Musica CDs.

In 2012 include a special selection of jazzy tunes “Beach Classics” for the label Blue Note Records, the compilation “Ibiza Sundowner” for EMI Germany and “Singita 10th anniversary” CD.

In 2013 he has released two remixes for Norah Jones in Blue Note Records, Say Goodbye and Travelin´On.


He’s just celebrated his 40th anniversary of DJing.

Padilla has recently signed to the highly respected label International Feel, also home of fellow innovator Harvey. He’s primed to release a new single, Solito and there’s an album So Many Colurs released in the spring of 2015. This year as being a bussy year for Jose, being request for gigs around the world like Corona Sunsets in Okinawa – Japan, Punta del Este - Uruguay , Playa del Carmen – México, also play in places like Potato Head – Bali, in the Sky Bar – Singapour, Bodrum – Turkey, Stall 6 – Zurich, Block Club – Tel Aviv/Israel, Le Brain – New York, etc.

Jose Padilla still brings music to the world in his sets worldwide and is musical ambassador for Ibiza, he continues to search out the finest music from around the world to share with all the music lovers.

He’s in great shape, just like the scene he built. Many years a well-known music Awards in Ibiza contacted Padilla with the news he’d been selected for their Lifetime Achievement Award. He turned them down. “I didn’t want it. I’m still DJing and making music and I love it. When I’m retired – then you can give it to me.” After ones he had the 1º Edition prize Music Award.


This year he had the honorary Recognition Vicius Magazine Awards of Music

This summer he will be enjoying the summer with two residences , Liastí in Mikonos and in The Rooftop NINE – Pikes presents to Jose Padilla every Tuesday from 8 PM in the Sol House Ibiza Mixed By Ibiza Rocks Playa Pinet in the bay of Sant Antonio – Ibiza.

Also, he continues to make a Cornonita´s Festivals around the world.

 Hola amigos . It is with great sadness that we bring you the news that José passed away peacefully in his sleep on Sunday night here on his beloved island of Ibiza. His family and friends would like to say thank you to everybody who sent donations and messages of support to help make his last few months easier, and to all the staff of Can Misses Hospital for taking care of him until the end.

Now he has gone and the sunset in Ibiza will never be the same without him , but the beautiful music of Jose Padilla will stay with us forever. Adiós maestro ... x



Chris Korda - Overshoot


Eric Morillo ( March 26, 1971 - September 1, 2020 )

Erick Morillo
 (March 26, 1971 – September 1, 2020) was an American disc jockeymusic producer, and record label owner. Having produced under a number of pseudonyms, including Ministers de la FunkThe DronezRAWSmooth TouchRBMDeep SoulClub Ultimate, and Li'l Mo Ying Yang, Morillo was best known for his international work in house music, in particular for the label Strictly Rhythm, and the 1993 hit "I Like to Move It", which he produced under the pseudonym Reel 2 Real, and which was featured in commercials, movies, and ringtones. His label Subliminal Records produced the number-one Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play hit "Fun" by Da Mob, and won the Muzik magazine "Remixer of the Year" award in 1999.[2] Subliminal also brought attention to artists like Eddie Thoneick, Carl Kennedy, and DJ DLG.[3] He was a three-time winner of DJ Awards "Best House DJ" in 1998, 2001, and 2003 and a three-time winner of "Best International DJ" in 2002, 2006, and 2009 receiving a total of 15 nominations in all from 1998 to 2010.

Early life

Erick Morillo was born in 1971[1] in New York. He spent most of his pre-teen years in Cartagena, Colombia, where he lived with his family, and grew accustomed to salsa and merengue music. He moved back to the United States at age 11,[4][5][6] living with his mother, Elisa,[7] and sister,[8] Sheila,[9] in an apartment at 1406 Bergenline Avenue in Union City, New Jersey.[7] Influenced by other genres such as reggae, and hip hop, it was also at age 11 that he began DJing weddings for friends and family.[4][6] He attended grammar school at Saint Joseph and Michael's School, a private Catholic school, graduating in 1985. He graduated from Emerson High School in Union City in 1989.[7][10]


"Muevelo" and "I Like to Move It"

Morillo took a studio engineering course at the New York City's Center for the Media Arts,[4][6][11] and began DJing at local clubs,[5] in places like the Love Sexy music lounge on Hudson Street in Hoboken.[12] While working at a club in nearby Weehawken, Morillo met Latin reggae star El General, whom he befriended. The two collaborated in 1991 on the single, "Muevelo", a mixture of reggae, house music, and a sample of T99's techno single "Anasthasia" that became a surprise hit, and went platinum.[4][5]

As his remixes became familiar in Latin clubs, Morillo branched out through his friendship with New York house veteran "Little" Louie Vega, whom he met through then-unknown singer Marc Anthony, with whom Vega had worked on the seminal 1992 house anthem, "Ride on the Rhythm". According to Morillo, Vega advised him to "focus on vocals". Morillo's next big song came in 1993, when New York's premier house label at the time, Strictly Rhythm, released his "The New Anthem"/"Funky Buddha" 12. The song did well in the charts and in clubs, garnering attention for Morillo. Later that year, Strictly Rhythm released the Reel 2 Real's second single "I Like to Move It". The song, which has been described by Mixer as "part Euro-cheese, part pop A&R man's wet dream", became a staple international dance hit[3] for both Reel 2 Real and Strictly Rhythm.[4][5] It made Morillo a millionaire and thrust him into a globe-trotting life that included weekly trips to Europe to tape MTV Europe in between stateside promotions.[4] In response to the song's success, Morillo recorded the full-length album Move It!, which was released in 1994, and spawned several singles that did particularly well in England. This was followed by a 1996 album from which several other singles were released, most notably "Mueve la Cadera" ("Move Your Body").[5]

From Reel 2 Real to Subliminal

Despite being believed to have made over $2 million from Reel 2 Real, Morillo feared that his financial success may have hurt both his creative drive and his street credibility. Wanting to create respectable house music,[4] he produced "Jazz It Up", launching it under the label of the Erick Morillo Project, in order to ensure street credibility. The song did well, and boosted his confidence. He and Louie Vega collaborated as Lil' Mo' Ying Yang and released the 1995 single "Reach". Morillo intended a third album for Reel to Real, but his relationship with the Mad Stuntman soured, which derailed the project. Searching for a way to reinvent himself, Morillo attended The Forum, a self-help seminar in New York City, where he gained insight into finding happiness through things other than wealth and his frantic work schedule. The seminar also enabled him to escape his creative rut by helping him analyze his past and set future goals, one of which was to become a successful global DJ.[4] He abandoned the Reel 2 Real alias in 1996, and concentrated on DJing, becoming a favorite in Ibiza, Europe[5] and Australia.[4]

Finishing his relationship with Strictly Rhythm, Morillo took the advice of Strictly Rhythm owner Mark Finkelstein, whom Morillo calls "a fair person and a business mentor", and decided to distance himself from R2R's pop past by launching the Double Platinum management company in 1997 with fellow DJs and producers José NunezHarry Choo Choo Romero, Carlos Sosa (aka DJ Sneak), and Junior Sanchez, and his own imprint, Subliminal Records, which is based in Weehawken.[4][13] Morillo describes Subliminal's sound as "ghetto music", which is branded with European-designed record sleeves, "but with class". Its first single was 1998's "Fun", which featured Chicago diva Dajae, and drew positive response via test pressings and buzz across the Atlantic. However, Dajae refused to sign the contract with Subliminal, and vocalist Jocelyn Brown was brought in to re-record the vocals. Brown's collaboration with Subliminal is known as "Da Mob", and their version of "Fun" became a #1 Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play hit. Soon after, however, DJ Sneak left the group for Toronto to start his own management company, and Junior Sanchez united with Roger S. to start one of their own. The remaining trio of Morillo, Romero and Nunez formed the finalized core of Subliminal, and are also known as the remix team The Dronez. With Subliminal, Morillo managed to find the balance between "underground" respectability and financial success.[4] The trio won Muzik magazine's Remixer of the Year award in 1999.[2] Subliminal also brought attention to artists like Eddie Thoneick, Carl Kennedy and DJ DLG.[3]

Club nights

In late 1999, Morillo completed a U.S. tour and his club night, dubbed Subliminal Night, is credited with single-handedly resuscitating New York City's ailing club scene,[citation needed] a feat he accomplished by signing up Danny TenagliaDarren EmersonBob SinclarDerrick CarterTiger Tim StevensMark Farina and Tony Humphries in guest spots. Morillo has also hosted various other club nights across the globe, such as his mid-week Subliminal Sessions parties at Champs in New York. When they were evicted from that venue, the Sessions relaunched at Centro-Fly. Commenting on his socializing with promoters, Morillo says:[4]

I party with the promoters I play for. A lot of DJs don't like to do that; they play the party, go back to the hotel and then get ready to go home. Not me. I don't deny it! For me a DJ is someone who brings a vibe. If you don't party, then how do you bring that vibe?[4]

Morillo hosted various other club nights across the globe, such as the annual Crobar party in Miami (ULTRA), and his legendary Subliminal Sessions parties at Pacha in Ibiza, which was named "Best International Club" of 2002 and "Best Ibiza Party" of 2001 by Muzik magazine. Ibiza is also where Morillo was crowned "Best International DJ" in 2002 and "Best House DJ" in 1999 and 2001 at the Pacha Ibiza awards. He has been known to play up to 30 jobs a month in locations including GreeceMaltaAmsterdamLondonMadridBelfast, and Russia.[14] According to Morillo, his most memorable job was on Ibiza's White Isle after the September 11 attacks: "I was playing the closing party of the Space Terrace straight after September 11th. I ended the night with Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York'. People were crying and waving American flags, everybody was singing. It's my most emotional memory as a DJ."[3]

In addition to his MTV UK appearances, Morillo hosted MTV Ibiza for two years, presented the UK's Dancestar Awards, and starred in a seven-part Channel 4 series documenting his world travels as a party DJ. He has also worked on short films with actor Mark Alex Hanna.[14]

In 2004, he released his first album under his real name, My World, which features collaborations with such artists as Sean "Diddy" Combs, who collaborated with Morillo on three tracks, including the dancefloor hit "Dance I Said".[3][15][16] The label has also spawned other labels, such as Sondos, Subliminal Soul, Bambossa and SUBUSA.[13] The label was distributed by Strictly Rhythm until that label ceased operations in 2002. Today, Subliminal is independently distributed, although Strictly Rhythm reopened its doors in 2007.[17]

Morillo drew attention in June 2013 when he failed to appear at a June 6 show in Long Island, and then on June 12 when he had to be escorted off stage 45 minutes into a set, due to "erratic behavior." According to reports, Morillo appeared to be dazed when he began his set, and his condition worsened after he began it. At one point, he vanished from view, leaving a single loop playing over and over. Morillo later stated on his Twitter page, "The time has come to take a break and refocus my attention on my health and well-being."[18][19]

Sexual battery charges

On August 6, 2020, Morillo was arrested and charged with sexual battery upon a woman.[20] In December 2019, Morillo and his accuser were working as DJs at a private party on Star Island in Miami Beach, and later went to his Miami Beach home. She told detectives that she got drunk and passed out alone in a bedroom, later waking nude with him standing beside her, also nude. A rape kit test performed on the woman tested positive for Morillo's DNA. Morillo denied the accusation, but turned himself in to police[21] on August 6, 2020.[22] He was due to appear in court on September 4, but was found dead at his home on September 1.[23]