Stay safe from the corona virus! Hope you rock hard with this mix, but let me know on what track you rock the hardest !! Gr, Richard aka DROKZ Design by Sandra Verkerk DROKZ CURE FOR THE VIRUS MIX 00.00 INTRO 00.25 DROKZ - THIS IS DEDICATION (free download at djdrokz soundcloud page) 02.49 DROKZ - THIS TRACK IS SLAMMING (unreleased) 04.11 DROKZ - STEALIN YO SHIT PART 005 (Hong kong violence label) 06.00 DROKZ – DEMONSTRATE (Hong kong violence label) 07.23 PROACTIVE HC - DEFINITION OF HARD (unreleased) 09.12 DROKZ - JUST A REBEL (unreleased) 10.39 DROKZ – KARMA (Hong kong violence label) 12.42 DROKZ - PHONKING LIKE A OG (Hong kong violence label, also on the MOH label) 14.42 DROKZ - OH THIS IS SO HARD VIP (no release ever, original released on Terrordrang label) 16.26 DROKZ - WILD FOR THE NIGHT (defender of terror album on the MOH label) 18.33 DROKZ – STAMPPOT (free download at djdrokz soundcloud page) 20.28 DROKZ - LATEN WE DRONKEN WORDEN (Hong kong violence label) 22.24 DROKZ – TERRORDRILL (unreleased) 23.47 DROKZ - THE VIETNAM WAR (defender of terror album on the MOH label) 26.43 KILLER KEMAL - VOLG JE MOEDER DROKZ BOOTLEG (no release ever) 27.58 DROKZ - EYES ARE CLOSED (defender of terror album on the MOH label) 30.28 CREATURES OF THE OCCULT - FEAR VIP (defender of terror album on the MOH label) 32.12 CREATURES OF THE OCCULT - I'M FEELING HAUNTED (unreleased) 34.34 DROKZ - JE BENT TOCH NIET DOOF (unreleased) 36.22 DROKZ, AKIRA & I.E. VATOS LOCOS - LA FAMILIA DE TERROR (Hong kong violence label, also on the MOH label) TOTAL RUNNING TIME 39.33


R.I.P. Gabi Delgado (18 April 1958 – 22 March 2020)

Gabriel "Gabi" Delgado-López (18 April 1958 – 22 March 2020[1]), commonly known as Gabi Delgado, was a Spanish-born German composer, lyricist and producer, best known as singer and co-founder, with Robert Görl, of the German electronic band Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft.

Delgado-López grew up in Córdoba. In 1966, his family moved to Germany ("My father had to leave Spain under Franco"),[2] where they lived in RemscheidWuppertalDortmund and Düsseldorf.
He formed D.A.F. with Görl in 1978. In 1980, he moved to London, where he lived until D.A.F. first split in 1984. He then moved to Zürich and released the solo album Mistress, which did not sell well in Germany but was top 20 in Japan,[3] then reuniting with Görl to record the 1986 D.A.F. album 1st Step to Heaven.
In 1986, he moved to Berlin to become a DJ and organise house parties. He organized (with WestBam and Marc Gubler) the first house party in Germany. With Saba Komssa, he founded the techno-house labels Delkom Club Control, BMWW and Sunday Morning Berlin.[2][3]
In 1995, he founded, with Wotan Wilke Möhring, the band DAF/DOS, who recorded the album Allein, zu zweit, mit Telefon (Alone, As A Couple, With Telephone) on Sony/Columbia, with the singles "Ich glaub' ich fick' dich später" ("I Think I'll Fuck You Later") and "Zurück nach Marzahn" ("Back to Marzahn"). In 2003, Delgado reunited again with Görl for another D.A.F. album, Fünfzehn neue D.A.F-Lieder (Fifteen New D.A.F. Songs).
His brother, Eduardo Delgado-López, is a bass player.
Delgado-López was bisexual and spoke at length about it publicly.[2]


R.I.P. Genesis P-Orridge - (22 February 1950 – 14 March 2020)

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (born Neil Andrew Megson, 22 February 1950 – 14 March 2020) was an English singer-songwriter, musician, poet, performance artist, and occultist. P-Orridge rose to notability as the founder of the COUM Transmissions artistic collective and lead vocalist of seminal industrial band, Throbbing Gristle. They were also a founding member of Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth occult group, and fronted the experimental band Psychic TV. P-Orridge identified as third gender.

Dear friends, family and loving supporters,
It is with very heavy hearts that we announce thee passing of our beloved father, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge.
S/he had been battling leukemia for two and a half years and dropped he/r body early this morning, Saturday March 14th, 2020.
S/he will be laid to rest with h/er other half, Jaqueline “Lady Jaye” Breyer who left us in 2007, where they will be re-united.

Thank you for your love and support and for respecting our privacy as we are grieving.
Caresse & Genesse P-Orridge




CSR - Legends Of Terror Aftermovie

Some highlights from CSR Legends of Terror, 11 January 2020, Club Broadway, Erp, The Netherlands, featuring DJ Mutante, DJ Smurf and DJ Plague.


PRSPCT Radio - Episode 79

Tuesday March 10th PRSPCT radio is back with another live broadcast. Here is the list of artists that we have invited to play and talk live on the show: COOH ADAMANT SCREAM COCO BRYCE LI-Z Hosted by MC DART & THRASHER


CSR - Welcome To Terrorland

A short report of the first ever CSR event in Europe. Welcome to Terrorland, 9 September 2005, De Waakzaamheid, Koog A/D Zaan, The Netherlands. Also the first appearance of the CSR Liveshow, and the return of Sonic Overkill.


No Sleep Till PRSPCT (Official Documentary)

“PRSPCT is for a lot of people these days, a lot of kids, a lot of artists, an important thing at the moment… and that can stress me the fuck out”
Film maker Adriaan De Koning followed Gareth de Wijk a.k.a. Thrasher in 2017, when PRSPCT reached its 15th year of existence. He created this documentary which tells the story of PRSPCT and how the DIY mentality from punk helped Thrasher create a successful independent label.
PRSPCT was born from the debris of the punkrock ethos, responsible for merging drum & bass, hardcore and breakcore to one scene and culture.
-- Released over 200 albums, EP’s and 12″ records.
--- Label nights and festival hostings in over 30 different countries worldwide.

---- Hundreds of events and still going strong, continuously thriving forward to release the utmost brutal music they love the most.
This is PRSPCT.


R.I.P. Andrew James Weatherall (6 April 1963 – 17 February 2020)

Andrew Weatherall Live @ 303 Liverpool Birthday - Skiddle

British DJ, producer, musician, and remixer.
Born: 6th April 1963 in Windsor, England.
Died: 17th February 2020, London, England, from a pulmonary embolism, aged 56.
He had worked in and showed enthusiasm for a wide variety of genres. Previously ran Sabres Of Paradise, Emissions Audio Output, Bird Scarer Records, and Moine Dubh.

Mixcloud :: https://www.mixcloud.com/Andrew_Weatherall/


Jonty Skrufff - ADE 2019

Sisyphos resident and man behind their latest Hammahalle techno floor compilation Jonty Skrufff joined us for a new DJsounds Show on the decks at ADE 2019.

In terms of DJ technique Jonty is big on hot cues, looping, layering and re-editing. By utilising multiple parts of tracks vs playing tracks end to end, he makes full use of the 2 banks of 4 hot cues throughout. Whilst this approach takes a fair bit of pre-set preparation it has the advantage of being able to quickly respond to crowd reaction and ensure no single set, or track, is ever the same. 

Beatport - https://www.beatport.com/artist/jonty...

Hammahalle Release - https://www.beatport.com/release/hamm...

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/skrufff/

Mixcloud - https://m.mixcloud.com/jontyskrufff/


Truncate & Chambray - Trax 4 The Club / Figure 
Bxentric - The Carrier / Nanda Records 
Jonty Skrufff - Scanner
Marmion - Schöneberg (Abe Duque Remix) 
Truncate - Dial (Heiko Laux Remix) / Truncate
9 AM / made of CONCRETE 
Hybrasil - K2-3d / Hybrasil 
Jonty Skrufff featuring Jerry C King - WALK (unreleased)
Nicole Moudaber - Seeing It Through (SCB Remix) / MOOD 
NonniMal - Eitt / LAHAR 
Kangding Ray - 22 Halo / Figure 
Spiros Kaloumenos
Aphelion [ Wex 10 ] Remix / OFF 
Jonty Skrufff - Near Death Experience / sisyphon
Andres Campos - 99 Portraits / ODD


Phonk! Radio 80 Powered by Resistohr a.k.a. Pet Duo 04.05.2020

Masters of Hardcore - 2019 Yearmix

Enjoy the Masters of Hardcore catalogue from this year in full with the 2019 Yearmix.
See the tracklist below. TRACKLIST 001. Wasted Mind - The Return 002. Korsakoff - Journey Through Stylez 003. Angerfist - Critter 004. Thorax - The Reckoning 005. DNME - Existenz (Meltdown Remix) 006. Wasted Mind - Worries 007. Kid Morbid - Regrets (Obsession Remix) 008. Korsakoff - The Warriors 009. Re-Style & Broken Minds & Alee - Annihilation 010. Angerfist & Stereotype - Primal Instinct 011. Angerfist - Send Me To Hell (The Satan Remix) 012. Angerfist & Miss K8 - Get It Lit 013. Re-Style & Korsakoff - Leap Of Faith 014. Angerfist - Diabolic Dice (Official Anthem) 015. Angerfist & Miss K8 - Impact 016. Angerfist & Nolz - Rally of Retribution (Dominator 2019 Anthem) 017. Miss K8 & Nolz - Elevate. 018. Never Surrender & Alee - Born Free (Official Free Festival Anthem) 019. Tha Playah & Never Surrender ft. Tha Watcher - The Craving 020. Predator & Hellsystem - Addicted to 2012 021. Angerfist - Street Fighter (Audiofreq Remix) 022. Angerfist - Burn This MF Down (Treachery Remix) 023. Angerfist - Attack Of The Dice 024. Broken Minds ft. Ernesto, Alee - Waltz of Death (Official Masters of Hardcore Spain Anthem) 025. Angerfist - Still A Full Gentle Racket (Angerfist 2019 Refix) 026. Angerfist - Freddy 027. Re-Style ft. Tha Watcher - Savage & Wild (Official Masters of Hardcore Russia 2019 Anthem) 028. Sub Sonik & Tha Watcher - REVOLT (Korsakoff Remix) 029. Angerfist - Soldier 030. Wasted Mind - Where It All Began 031. Miss K8 - The Poison (N-Vitral Remix) 032. Deadly Guns & Requiem ft. Carola - Victorious 033. D-Fence feat. Mr. Hyde - Sonic Storm (Official SYNDICATE 2019 Anthem) 034. Deadly Guns - The Brotherhood 035. Deadly Guns & Delete - In Control 036. Re-Style - Wildfire 037. THE SATAN - Demolition 038. Nosferatu & Furyan - The Possession 039. Destructive Tendencies & Caine - The Underworld 040. Deadly Guns & Killshot ft. Sovereign King - The Lone Wolves 041. Angerfist & N-Vitral - Bare Knuckle Fist N-Vitral ft. Sovereign King - Vault of Violence (Official Masters of Hardcore 2019 Anthem) 043. Angerfist - Solid Stigma 044. Wasted Mind - Be Like Me 045. Deadly Guns & Bloodlust - Killer Squad 046. Deadly Guns ft. Tha Watcher - Against The Shadows 047. Furyan - Kokeen 048 Deadly Guns ft. Sovereign King - The Chosen Ones III 049. Deadly Guns - Get Dissed 050. Miss K8 - Up In Smoke 051. Miss K8 - Battlefield (The Satan Remix). 052. Angerfist - Right Through Your Head (Detest Remix) 053. Deadly Guns x Malice - Fuel & Fire. 054. Day Mar - Kickin' The Flow 055. Nefarious & Alee - Villainous 056. Nefarious & Rob Gee - Wicked 057. Deadly Guns - Burning Skies. 058. Angerfist - My Critic Fetish (Para Italia & Madnezz Remix) 059. Deadly Guns - Here Comes The Pain 060. Destructive Tendencies & Restrained - Lead The Pack 061. Nefarious & Andy The Core - Black Sun 062. F. Noize ft. MC Syco - Party like an Animal (Free Festival Uptempo Anthem 2019) 063. Deadly Guns ft. Sovereign King - Reborn In Darkness 064. Deadly Guns & F. Noize - Unbelievers 065. Death By Design - World Of Fury 066. Angerfist - Geto Tremble 067. Deadly Guns & MBK - Pure Domination 068. Nefarious & Tha Watcher - Despicable 069. Drokz - Fucking Bullshit 070. Drokz - Wild For The Night 071. F.Noize & Spitnoise & Tha Watcher - Double Headed Snake (Official Snakepit 2019 Anthem) 072. Drokz - The Actual Gangsters Got Respect 073. Drokz & Furyan - Worst Enemy 074. Deadly Guns - End of The World 075. Drokz - The Vietnam War 076. Drokz - Eyes Are Closed 077. Drokz, Akira & The IE Vatos Locos - La Familia De Terror 078. Drokz - My True Game 079. COTO - Fear (Drokz VIP) 080. Drokz - Failure


Bleep Radio #436 w/ Trevor Wilkes

Bleep Radio w/ Trevor Wilkes airs every Friday at 11:45am EST. Techno, House, and Electro live-streams from Hamilton, Ontario since 2004. Track IDs, questions, and comments are always welcome. Each stream is archived in all the usual forms found below.
Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2GbyHxY Podcast: http://bit.ly/2OAbEo0 Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2XtPgzG Youtube: http://bit.ly/2GFcWYs Facebook: http://bit.ly/2YBBuHY Direct downloads, tracklists, and other information can be found on www.bleepradio.ca


L&M Dance Party ( First Rave In Brazil ) May 1993

SCOTTO captures the first ever groundbreaking rave/EDM/Dj tour in BRAZIL MAY 1993, featuring MOBY live, ALTERN 8 live, Dj Mark Kamins (R.I.P.) credited w/ the discovery of Madonna, Dj Soul Slinger & Mau Mau of Brazil with Scotto on lights and production design. Tour producer was SUNSHINE, the country's biggest, with L&M cigarrettes as a sponsor.  
exclusively on SCOTTO.TV.  ©2013 All Rights Reserved.  



starfrosch.com turns 18

Starfrosch is a Swiss electronic music producer, coder, project manager and owner of starfrosch.com – a platform for Open Music.

More Info @ https://starfrosch.com/blog/